No matter what the scope, we work to consistently provide transparent and reliable service to benefit our clients.

Capitalising on 30 years experience in building and construction CloudMoves are specialists in selecting the appropriate systems for your business, fitting them to the way you work, smartening up your processes and moving you safely to the Cloud.

  •  Understanding your business, how you work and how you think is our first aim – FREE
  • Sharing your vision for the future, where your business is going and how Cloud technology will benefit your life is goal number two.
  • Finding the right systems to do just that and showing what it will look like BEFORE you commit is number three.
  • Putting it all together, training and moving you safely from where you are now to your new home in the Cloud is number four.
  • Keeping an eye on things as you move forward and being there when you need us is the final, but ongoing, piece.

Our first on-line consultation is FREE

You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about yourself and your business which will help us understand what you are looking for.

From here we each get a clear understanding of how we can work together.

  • We get a broad understanding of how your organisation operates, what you want to achieve and the critical success factors you would like to address.
  • You get a feel for how we work, a look at the types of systems that are available and an idea of what may suit your business best.

At the end we will propose a detailed scoping session to suit your business.

Detailed Scoping Session

Scoping sessions are different for each business but range from $299.00 to $599.00 depending on the size and complexity of your operations.

The detailed scoping will:

  • Look at your current operations and systems
  • Identify opportunities to streamline systems and workflows
  • Propose Cloud applications that suit your requirements

At the end of the scoping you will:

  • Receive a list of recommended applications that suit your needs – with licence costs.
  • A costed “Systems Implementation Proposal” for your business which will include:
    • Application configuration and set up
    • Data migration
    • Training and support
  • The cost of the detailed scoping session will be deducted from the cost of the “Systems Implementation Proposal” should you accept the proposal.

The Way Forward

  • Option 1
    • Implement the recommendations yourself calling on CloudMoves if and when required.
    • Hourly rate – $ 165.00
  • Option 2
    • Accept the “Systems Implementation Proposal” and start your journey to the Cloud.
    • CloudMoves will prepare a detailed time phased Project Plan and Scope of Work from the “Systems Implementation Proposal” for your approval.
    • An initial payment of 30% of the “Systems Implementation Proposal” is required before we kick off followed by two further progress payments shown in the Project Plan.