CloudMoves selects the appropriate Apps for your business and transitions you smoothly to the cloud.

CloudMoves are specialists in businesses systems for the building and construction industry. We have a broad understanding of the challenges facing the building industry and the incredible technological changes that are baffling so many businesses. What is truth? What is Myth? – can this stuff really help and can I afford to ignore it? Will I be the dinosaur that can’t get work.

CloudMoves by no means do everything for everybody, we know our strengths:

  • We assist in selecting the appropriate online business systems and partners to match your business. We work hard to make every match a good match so you can be confident with your systems before you make the move.
  • We introduce you to technology partners so all your devices work seamlessly together, enabling you to share your data on PC’s/Laptops/Tablets/Phones – create it once, store it once, delete it once – KNOW WHERE TO FIND IT, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
  • We set up the systems together and train you how to get the best from your investment.
  • We provide ongoing support on a day-to-day basis and regular reviews to help you adapt to emerging technologies and change.